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Reclaim Confidence in Your Gut Health– And Fall in Love With Your Body Again


If you’ve been trying everything to feel healthy, lose weight, and increase energy but you aren’t getting any results… take a look at how you’re nourishing your body.

Do you feel too busy to properly plan and cook meals for yourself?

Are you constantly on the go, finding fast-food and packaged snacks easiest?

Are you worried that eating healthy foods is too expensive, time-consuming, or honestly just plain boring?

Do you have no idea what you need to be eating for your body?

Trust me, I’ve been in your shoes. Sometimes, junk food just seemed easier.

But the toll unhealthy foods can take on your body– mentally, physically, and emotionally– isn’t worth it.

Indulging in the wrong foods can dramatically affect your health– especially your gut health– leading to a lifetime of physical complications to deal with.

So if you’re ready to TAKE CHARGE of your health and body, you need to start with your gut.


What if I told you that in just two and a half weeks, you could transform your gut health and feel a full body transformation?


Picture this… after my 18-Day Gut Health Cleanse, you will:

  • Know how to plan and prepare healthy and nourishing meals
  • Regulate your body and appetite
  • Learn healthy behaviors when it comes to food and eating
  • Regulate your cravings
  • Experience improved nervous system health
  • Feel empowered in your body
  • And of course... learn the strategies to heal your gut

18 days may seem like a long time.

But think about how committing just 2.5 weeks compares to your entire lifetime. My clients create eating habits and patterns with this cleanse that ultimately change their lives.

Your relationship with food shouldn't be complicated, and learning about what your body needs, at this time in your life, shouldn't be intimidating!

Why wait any longer when
in just a few weeks, you can create
a healthy, lasting lifestyle?

Join the 18-Day Gut Health Cleanse Now!

See What Members of the 18-Day Gut Health Cleanse Have Said ….

“I wanted to try a different kind of program.
Not just a quick fix diet. I thought a cleanse was something you drank for a few days. Also I thought I would be starving for the cleanse. I wanted a lifestyle change and a diet. I wondered if it was something I could keep up with...


It wasn't all about losing weight. It was more about loving yourself where you are. I loved Renee's upbeat attitude... I loved every minute of it. [I have a] much higher self-esteem. I learned to pursue my dreams, and learned how to have a very doable healthy lifestyle. This program truly changed the way I think and see everything around me. I feel so much happier because I accept myself the way I am. You helped me remember this is just where I am supposed to be. Your love and support over the last few weeks have been a joy. I can't thank you enough.”

~Debbie Puffer

“I am a 45-year-old wife and mother. I had my daughter at the age of 41. Ever since then I have been unable to lose belly fat. One memory stands out in my mind when I went on a juice fast. I got really weak. Now I can see I did it all wrong, where I deprived my wonderful body and system of vital nutrients & minerals.

I signed up for this testing because I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and was convinced there was another way for me to get better other than the use of the prescribed DMD (disease-modifying drugs). [What I liked best was] Renee's enthusiasm for what she was doing and knowledge of food. I enjoyed listening to the webinars and the daily affirmations. I have never experienced a program/system set up in this way before. I am totally blown away."

~Sybil Windham

"I needed to lose weight, wanted to quit soda and craving sugar/caffeine. I got much more than I expected, love the ongoing support, the videos, goody bag in the mail, phone conferences, downloads page, and the information. I loved that she motivated me to stay on it!

I've lost 5.2 lbs, my clothes fit better, I tightened the belt on my jeans, my shirts fit better, my friends say I look more "sparkly", and I feel better about myself - more confident. My cravings have diminished, food tastes better, and I am more aware of how eating affects me - both mentally and physically. I'm so grateful to work with Renee. Thanks to her I have quit diet soda and have gotten on a path to a healthier lifestyle! This is just a new beginning of better health, more energy, and vitality."

~ Gretchen Powers


How Your Gut Health Impacts Every Part of YOU

How do you run your business, lead your company, or prioritize your family if you aren’t feeling 100%?

Health is the most important thing we have.

And to show up for others, you need to show up for yourself.

Are you struggling with:

🔴 Irritable bowel syndrome?

🔴 Constipation, diarrhea, or excess bloating?

🔴 Food allergies or sensitivities?

🔴 Auto-immune disorders?

🔴 Anxiety or depression?

🔴 Nervous system dysregulation?

🔴 Weight irregularities?

🔴 Hormonal issues?

🔴 Skin issues?

🔴 Emotional eating?

If you find yourself dealing with even a few of these issues, prioritizing your gut health can be just what you need for optimal health – ridding your body of these frustrating symptoms.

Your nervous system, your hormonal health, your brain health, even your thyroid, stress hormones, and sexuality are all impacted by the state of your gut.

By focusing on eating for your gut health and lymphatic cleansing, your body systems– metabolism, skin health, weight, blood sugar, nervous system, and digestion– can find their way back to regulation.

Your wellness needs to take into account not only your physical body but also your mind and spirit. And that’s exactly what this 18-Day Gut Health Cleanse does.

My 18-Day Cleanse aligns your eating habits with cultivating health for your entire system.

You’ll feel impacts physically, mentally, and emotionally.

The number on the scale does not define you.
Your past or current health diagnosis does not define you.
The way you feel right now does not define you.

So stake your claim, invest in yourself, receive love, and show up empowered and strong.

You have the strength within you to cultivate a healthier YOU.

Join Me in the 18-Day Gut Health Cleanse!

Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Try
the 18-Day Cleanse

Life gets busy. And I understand this.

Finding the time for this 18-day commitment may seem tricky for some of us busy folks. 2-3 weeks feels like a long time– especially with how jam-packed your day-to-day is.

But look at how minuscule this piece of time is in relation to your entire life.

What if taking these 18 days NOW to commit to yourself and your health gives you a LIFETIME of knowledge, meal ideas, and healthy habits to follow to create a longer and healthier life?

These 2.5 weeks will look like nothing when you’re looking back at the healthy lifestyle you’ve cultivated for yourself that has set you up for long-term success.

The 18-Day gut health cleanse is designed to streamline your process and save you time while you prioritize yourself. When you begin to heal your body at the root – with your gut health and lymphatic system– it impacts your mind and emotions in a way that can help permanently change your relationship with how you use your time.

And trust me, I spent way too much time in my life not putting my health first. I wish I could go back in time and put my healthy habits from this cleanse into place long ago.

The tools you get from this 18-day program are ones you can take with you forever. So don’t worry about how you’re going to keep up with it. Don’t worry about the possibility of failure.

And don’t limit yourself by being too afraid to start.

If you’re anyone like me, the desire for perfectionism scares you out of trying something new.

But I’ve seen clients just like me who fear failure and desire perfectionism have immense success with this cleanse. And I know you can have success too.

Dedicating this window of time to your gut health impacts every single other area of your life.

You can’t afford to miss out on the chance to change your wellness for the better.

When you enroll in the 18-day gut health cleanse, you have access to ALL the materials to review as much as you’d like for 50 days. You’re encouraged to move at your own pace, and you can pick it back up if you need a break.

Just a few hours a week for 18 days can transform your life for the better– forever.

Enroll in the 18-day Gut Health Cleanse Now!


The Gut Health Cleanse That’s So MUCH MORE Than a Meal Plan

This isn’t just a meal plan or recipe guide. The Heal Your Gut Cleanse is a way of living.

And trust me – it works. Because it has changed my life.

Back in 2004, my mind, body, and spirit were in a dark place. I was overworked, overwhelmed, and always seemed to be fighting something. Whether it was fatigue, migraines, anxiety or depression, bullies, hormonal imbalances, nervous system dysregulation, or weight gain… you name it- I experienced it.

But through my breakdown, I had my breakthrough.

I found healing. And now I share my method of healing with others in the form of this 18-Day Cleanse.

So– are you ready to take action and heal your body from the inside out?

Plus, this eating plan and cleanse supports all dietary restrictions– vegan, omnivore, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian!
Soon you’ll have the necessary mindset, nervous system, and emotional mastery tools to support you and heal your body from the root.

What’s Inside the Heal Your Gut Cleanse Course:

🌿 Online access to the cleanse materials

🌿 An online community of other cleansers, with support as needed directly from Renee

🌿 A detailed cleanse workbook to keep you on track each day

🌿 Sample Cleanse Meal Plans

🌿 A Gut Health Recipe Book

🌿 Videos guiding you along the way for each of the 18 Days

  • Pre-Cleanse Easeful Introduction (Days 1-4)

  •  Main-Cleanse (Days 5-18)

🌿 Post-cleanse guidance

🌿 Gut recovery protocol

🌿 Mindfulness strategies and resources

🌿 Lists of Foods to Enjoy and Foods to Avoid

🌿 7-Step Structure Food Plan called Love Yourself Naked® for your unique optimal health

🌿 Basic Bowel Care

🌿 Supplementation recommendations and protocols

The Four Pillars



Powerful System

Emotional Mastery

After committing to the 18-Day Cleanse, my clients trust themselves.


They’re focused and connected with their soul and food in a life-changing way.

So change your relationship with food, and feel the self-fulfillment for yourself.

The key focuses of the
Heal Your Gut: 18-Day Cleanse are: 

✨ Teaching your body how to become a fat-burning machine

✨ Supporting the movement of your lymphatic system

✨ Supporting liver and gallbladder functioning

✨ Regulating sugar, carbs, and salt cravings

✨ Offering strategies on using your time wisely with meal prep

✨ Regulating your appetite and your behaviors with food

✨ Creating more energy and healing your sleep 

✨ Recovering and Healing with your gut health 

Aligning, grounding, and regulating your body systems

Soon you’ll be opened up to a new way of being, thinking, behaving, and showing up for yourself.

Heal yourself. Lead yourself. Love yourself.


Join the Heal Your Gut Cleanse Here!

What Makes This Gut Health Cleanse Different From the Rest?

The 18-Day Cleanse is designed to show you how to prioritize yourself without sacrificing other commitments.

The gut-health cleanse faces the emotional component of eating head on so you have the tools to turn it around. This builds trust in yourself to continue caring for your body.

The cleanse shows you how to regulate yourself differently and remove any pressures you have with eating and cooking food.

The 7-step system to the gut health cleanse gives you more than enough food options, so you should never be starving. Then you can use this strategy in your life moving forward to create lasting, sustainable eating habits.

Renee, the team, and the entire community of other cleansers are here to support you and hold you accountable through this cleanse. You get access to our online community for inspiration, and to help keep you on track with your goals in mind.

 “I shared the amazing changes that have been happening to me since I've been working with you with an amazing group of my Chiropractic colleagues and how it's totally affected my adjustments and practice. Everyone was so pumped up and asking for the info, so I shared it with them! You might have chiropractors from around the world cleansing soon! Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thank you for all you do!”

Dr. Meg Rom

"There's a huge support system. Anybody that does it who feels alone... well I feel like they just aren't utilizing all the tools that you gave us. You make it so it's like even if you're not there every moment, there's a forum and anybody is on it at any time of day if you have any questions. I referenced it a lot because I'm the type of person who is fueled by others."

Dani K. Novi, MI

"I decided to work with Renee in this coaching program because I knew I would be taught new things. I thought it would be too expensive and I would have had to drop out, but it was a one time small fee that really fit my budget... To my surprise, I wasn't that hungry and all the foods I picked to eat were YUMMY! What I liked best about the coaching program was learning about the different foods. I COULD SEE MY WAISTLINE COMING IN!!!! I never got on the scale (I didn't have to) because my mirror was enough for me (smile) and I like what I saw. I can fit into some of my clothes that I couldn't before. This is soooo great! Thank you again."

Vanessa Davis

"Yes! Do this! My transformational experience came to me after a conference call Renee had, prior to the start of the sugar recovery/detox program. She talked about feeding our pain. That comment resonated with me... That night I woke up out of a dream, (very very unusual) and realized immediately that I lost control over my eating. I lost control over the amount I ate and the amount of wine I consumed. I remember the very meal... But NOT anymore. I was able to change all that the very morning I ate breakfast. I now control what goes into my body and how much. This experience was THE transformation that I needed to become a healthier eater and accomplish my nutritional and weight goals."


"Since I suffer from High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Low Thyroid Problems, I thought doing this cleanse would cause more problems. I hear from many people that a cleanse is not good and that it is very drastic, but I did not feel this with your cleanse. I liked that you were giving us instructions each step of the way. I have lost 7 pounds today, sleep very well, no hot flashes, I feel I have lost inches on my arms, which I really love, and from my stomach. With weight watchers, this did not happen."

Antonetta Demell

"I feel that investing in this program has changed my life forever. I look forward to reviewing the videos repeatedly knowing that each time I will retain more information that I will be able to incorporate into my life."


 "I never thought I could do it. That's for sure. I never thought it was an attainable thing for me. I never thought I could get me and my family to like green smoothies.  I just never thought it was something that was doable and you know what, it wasn't hard incorporating the greens or any of that into my life."  

Anonymous Cleanser

"I hired Renee for many personal reasons. I’m a business owner, mother of two amazing boys, and a wife to an amazing husband of 22 years. I was at a stage in life where I needed coaching on how to balance it all. I needed to improve my overall well-being. I am a Type A personality and run a fast-paced action-packed life and use up every minute of the day.

She is helping me recognize too that I am a priority and how to set boundaries. I’m feeling calmer in areas of life and I feel my shoulders are lifting. I am able to be a better wife, mother, business owner, and a healthier me! Renee has been an angel a gift from God and she has touched my life and my family."

Karen Small

"Renee's authenticity shines through in every program she creates. She understands people from the inside out, and she can change people's lives (and their health) from the inside out. When you work with Renee you feel like you're working with a friend."

Dr. Brianne Grogan


Your Gut Health Cleanse Guide: Renee Jayne

Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Emotional/Medical Intuitive, Somatic Life and Body Mentor

Hi, I'm Renee and I stand before you today, grounded in a higher purpose to bring you back to feeling like your healthiest self.

Years ago, I was completely overworked and experiencing tons of physical and emotional setbacks. And I knew my issues were from my diet and lifestyle– impacting my gut health.

But through my breakdown, I took matters into my own hands and found healing for myself when I followed this cleanse.

It became clear that I needed to share it with others. Now, it's been the joy of my life watching my clients transform for over a decade as this course has evolved with me and them.

I work with those who feel a call to lead– and who know in order to lead they need to support their physical body, gut health, and nervous system regulation.

Because without health, we cannot have a deeply fulfilled life.

My work is based on a Holistic Approach to Healing Your Gut, and sustaining it long-term while exploring energetic, emotional, and psychospiritual patterns that connect to gut-related issues.

With this knowledge, you can transform, transmute, and transcend old patterns once and for all.

Claim Your Spot– Register Now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Take Charge of Your Gut Health With
the 18-Day Gut Health Cleanse

The 18-Day Heal Your Gut Cleanse has been life-changing for me and so many others.

So I know it will be life-changing for you.

It’s time to take action. You’ll soon be one step closer to cultivating the health you’ve been desiring, and the life that you deserve.

I can’t wait to meet you, and for you to grow empowered in your body and in your relationship with food.

Sign me up for the 18-Day Heal Your Gut Cleanse!