Root Cause Gut Health and Healing: 


Heal Your Gut: 18-Day Eating Plan & Cleanse 


  • Get on track with planning and how you use your time, and learn to prepare healthy meals.

  • Increase energy and create more life force.

  • Follow our recipes, meal plans, and Love Yourself Naked® 7-Step Food System that helps you heal your gut and regulate your body, appetite, and behaviors with food. 

  • Regulate cravings (sugar, carbs, salt). and nervous system health. 

  • Stay empowered with food and body. 

  • Accommodates all dietary restrictions.


Hi, I'm Renee. I stand before you today, grounded in a higher purpose to bring you back home to yourself and YOUR Gut Health is everything! More specifically... the axis where your gut and brain meet is everything... For me, it all started in 2004 when my body, mind, and spirit were in a dark, unhappy, and unhealthy place. I suffered from migraines on a weekly basis, constipation, bloating, food allergies/intolerances, fatigue, auto-immune disorders, anxiety, depression, nervous system dysregulation, hormonal imbalance, weight gain, emotional eating, sugar cravings, skin issues, and acne. At the time, I worked a lot. I was in marketing, sales, and public relations, constantly traveling, eating out, living out of my suitcase, and running through airports. Eventually, I was afraid to make the wrong move or eat the wrong thing for fear of triggering more illness. Through my breakdown, I found healing for myself and it became clear to me that I needed to share it with others. This is why this course was created. It's been the joy of my life watching my clients transform their lives for the past 13 years as this course has evolved with me and them.

The reason I wanted to share my story with you is because I want you to know me. And I want you to know that I can help you, too.


Simple, Fun, and Inspiring

Are your hormones messed up and you don’t know why? Do you have auto-immune symptoms, out-of-control cravings, low energy, or emotional eating?

Your relationship with food shouldn't be complicated, and learning about what your body needs, at this time in your life, shouldn't be intimidating! That's why we've designed a simple and engaging cleanse and learning experience to elevate your tastebuds, energize your body and inspire you to uplevel your relationship with your body and food in just 18 Days. 

Learn Together

Our program is an online community and our system is on a convenient app.  Both Renee and veteran cleansers are available to answer any questions you have. We have a great recipe book and meal plan ideas and you'll follow our Love Yourself Naked® 7-Step Strategy for your unique optimal health. Our options support everyone (vegan, omnivore, gluten-free, dairy-free, vegetarian) We're here for you!

*This is an unconventional eating plan and cleanse in that it is also a long-term sustainable food plan that teaches you how to feed your unique self and keep it going afterward with the necessary mindset, nervous system, and emotional mastery tools to support you.

Is This For You?

Do you have?

Irritable bowel, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, food allergies/intolerances, fatigue, auto-immune disorders, anxiety, depression, nervous system dysregulation, hormonal imbalance, weight irregularity, emotional eating, sugar cravings, skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, acne, rashes.

Are you experiencing?

Repressed or suppressed anger, mother wounds/father wounds, relationship with feminine/masculine are not aligned, poor boundaries, people pleasing, self-shame, low self-esteem, criticism, perfectionism, resentments, and fears.

If you answered YES to more than 3 of those, then this Heal Your Gut: 18-Day Eating Plan and Cleanse is for you. 

The health of your gut impacts your hormonal health, your nervous system, your brain health, your sexuality, your thyroid, your stress hormones and so much more. 

By focusing on eating for our gut health and lymphatic cleansing, your body systems… metabolism, skin health, weight, blood sugar, nervous system, and digestion can find their way back to regulation. 

We all want more energy and our mind, mood, and neurotransmitters to be aligned with more joy. Our gut health and lymphatic healing help this. 

Your body, at its core (your gut/brain), impacts everything and when you find ease and peace within, it allows you to align with what you came here to do.  

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Current Cultural Consumption

Coke products. Fake meat. Fake foods. Too much caffeine. Plastic bottles. Plastic storage and packaging that leaks into your system. Seed oils, hydrogenated oils, and high fructose syrup. Toxic cleaning products. Unknown cosmetic ingredients. Feminine products with scary ingredients. Too many pharmaceuticals (included within our drinking water and food). Perfumes, candles, and scents irritate our senses. An overload of sugar. Chemical sunscreens. Regular media consumption and screentime. Emotional eating cues are advertised to you constantly.

Our people are suffering.  

Achy in their joints. Waking up with hip, shoulder, neck, back or jaw pain on the regular. Constant allergies. Mental health ups and downs with anxiety and depression. Diabetes. Feel trapped in their life, body, and dysfunctional relationship with food. Panic attacks. Sugar addiction. Obsessive-compulsive eating, binge eating, or anorexia. Eating disordered behavior (rigidly eating healthy foods). Achy joints. Auto-immune flare-ups. Suicidal thoughts. Struggling relationships. Body image and identity confusion. Poor sleep, insomnia. Lethargic. Little to no energy. PTSD. Thyroid diagnoses. Gallbladders removed. Migraines. Lyme Disease. Heavy metal toxicity. Mold issues. Fatty liver diagnoses. Sleep studies. ADHD diagnoses. Skin issues. Sinus problems. Constipation. Diarrhea and or Irritable bowel. SIBO. Epstein Barr. Parasites. Digestive pain and problems. Immune system issues.

Current Cultural Solution  

More birth control pills or synthetic hormones. More medications. Gallbladder surgery. Thyroid meds. Surgery. Rigid diets and exercise. Sleeping pills. Band-aid solutions. Living on pain relievers or allergy meds. Anxiety, depression, or focus-related medications. Weight loss strategies centered on counting points, calories, and teachings that paint the body and food as weapons or broken systems. 

What do you receive?

Based on where you are at on your unique journey your gut needs recovery, maintenance, and/or rebuilding.

Your blood sugar, hormones, and nervous system need regulation in order for you to be in optimal health.

Your emotions need space to be allowed and felt. 

  • The number on the scale does not define you.
  • Your past or current health diagnosis does not define you.
  • The way you feel right now does not define you.

You are here to eat real, clean food and experience freedom within your relationship with your body and with your food.

Our job is to guide you to make it sustainable, improve your quality of life, increase your energy, and show you to heal your body at the root.


We do not LIVE LIFE by “getting by” with juice, shakes, smoothies, skinny teas, and meal replacements all of the time. This will never be sustainable.  



Our clients share that they trust themselves. They are focused, and connected with their soul and food in a way that has changed their life. They share that their relationship with food has completely changed.

Don't take our word for it, read some of the testimonials from our veterans below. 

We want pure energy, deep breaths, restful sleep, ease with our body and digestion and to feel fulfilled and content.  


Step in for 18 days with our 4 pillars.






Key focuses of this program:

  • Teaching your body how to become a fat-burning machine
  • Recovery for your gut health
  • This is a lymphatic supporting cleanse designed to help the lymphatic system move
  • Support the liver and gallbladder in doing their jobs
  • Cravings regulation (sugar, carbs, salt)
  • Strategies on how you use your time, meal prep
  • Regulate your appetite - your behaviors with food
  • Create more energy and life force
  • Begin to heal your sleep 
  • Alignment, grounding, and regulation of your body systems


We eat from the Love Yourself Naked® 7-Step Food System that allows you to make choices from each of the 7 categories. This program meets ALL dietary restrictions, carnivore,  vegan, paleo, and vegetarian.

There are no dairy, sugar, gluten, soy, packaged, nightshades, or processed foods in this eating plan and cleanse.

We make it easy. 

You can do this cleanse on a budget and stay within your means.


  • Online access to the cleanse materials (desktop or App - easily accessible from your phone)
  • Daily Support in our comments section from Renee
  • Sample Cleanse Meal Plans
  • Recipe Book 
  • Community support
  • Videos from Renee, guiding you along the way (Days 1-18)
  • Pre-Cleanse Easeful Introduction (Days 1-4)
  • Main-Cleanse (Day 5-18)
  • Transition out of the Cleanse (Post Cleanse guidance from Renee)
  • Gut recovery protocol 
  • Foods to Enjoy / Foods to Avoid
  • 7-Step Structure Food Plan called Love Yourself Naked®
  • Basic Bowel Care
  • Supplementation recommendations and protocols


Open up to an entirely new way of being, thinking, behaving, and showing up for yourself.

Live full of energy and life force.

When you feel grounded in your body… you have more capacity in your nervous system to handle the stressors in your life. 


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Holistic Nutrition Practitioner, Emotional/Medical Intuitive, Somatic Life and Body Mentor

I created this cleanse over a decade ago, it continues to evolve as I do. It literally saved my life. I was the client who had tried everything and nothing was working so I took matters into my own hands. 

My community values freedom above all else… they want to feel deeply fulfilled and fear that they will spend their life living without truly meeting their deepest creativity, desires, and purpose. Without our health, we cannot get to fulfillment. 

My work is based on a Holistic Approach To Healing Your Gut and sustaining it long-term while exploring energetic, emotional, and psychospiritual patterns that connect to gut-related problems so you can transform, transmute and transcend these old patterns once and for all.

I work with those who feel a call to lead and know that in order to lead they will need to support their own physical body, gut health, and nervous system regulation.


If you are someone who read the quote “be the change you want to see in the world”, by Gandhi and you felt responsible, then I get you.  We know things, we’ve done thousands of dollars of personal development work, hired experts, and tried many things. Maybe you’ve hit some bottoms only more aware that yes, the "food pyramid" and "current health system" is in need of some rebuilding, along with most other medical and wellness systems. 

We create this change by starting with ourselves. 

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Client Succes

“I shared the amazing changes that have been happening to me since I've been working with you with an amazing group of my Chiropractic colleagues and how it's totally affected my adjustments and practice. Everyone was so pumped up and asking for the info, so I shared it with them! You might have chiropractors from around the world cleansing soon! Just wanted to give you a heads up.  Thank you for all you do!”

~Dr. Meg Rom

“Renee’s expertise and experience helped me understand nutrition and healthy living in a way that was both practical and easy to understand. Her personal interest in helping me achieve my goals went “above and beyond” the call of duty and her understanding of nutritional matters uniquely qualifies her to do what she is doing in this very important field of balancing nutrition and exercise to establish healthy living. I highly recommend working with Renee!”

~ Dan Dalton

"I never thought I could do it. That's for sure. I never thought it was an attainable thing for me. I never thought I could get me and my family to like green smoothies.  I just never thought it was something that was doable and you know what, it wasn't hard incorporating the greens or any of that into my life" 

~ Anonymous Cleanser

"There's a huge support system. Anybody that does it who feels alone... well I feel like they just aren't utilizing all the tools that you gave us. You make it so it's like even if you're not there every moment, there's a forum and anybody is on it at any time of day if you have any questions. I referenced it a lot because I'm the type of person who is fueled by others.

~ Dani K. Novi, MI

“Renee helped me in so many ways with my life. My marriage, my health, and my outlook on life are better than ever because of Renee. I no longer have painful joints and thyroid symptoms. My acne was out of control and now clearer than ever. My husband and I are better than ever.  I feel healthy not only in my body but my mental state. Life is beautiful in so many ways but, Renee helped get me to that place where I can look at my life and know it's just as beautiful!! Thanks again Renee” 

~ Jennifer Bonkowski (private client and cleanser)


Client Love

"I feel that investing in this program has changed my life forever. I look forward to reviewing the videos repeatedly knowing that each time I will retain more information that I will be able to incorporate into my life". 

~ Anonymous (Sugar Recovery Class + Cleanser)


"Yes! Do this! My transformational experience came to me after a conference call Renee had, prior to the start of the sugar recovery/detox program. She talked about feeding our pain. That comment resonated with me... That night I woke up out of a dream, (very very unusual) and realized immediately that I lost control over my eating. I lost control over the amount I ate and the amount of wine I consumed. I remember the very meal... But NOT anymore. I was able to change all that the very morning I ate breakfast. I now control what goes into my body and how much. This experience was THE transformation that I needed to become a healthier eater and accomplish my nutritional and weight goals.

Anonymous (Sugar Recovery Class + Cleanser)

"I hired Renee for many personal reasons.  I’m a business owner, mother of two amazing boys, and a wife to an amazing husband of 22 years.  I was at a stage in life where I needed coaching on how to balance it all.  I needed to improve my overall well-being. I am a Type A personality and run a fast-paced action-packed life and use up every minute of the day.  

She is helping me recognize too that I am a priority and how to set boundaries.  I’m feeling calmer in areas of life and I feel my shoulders are lifting.  I am able to be a better wife, mother, business owner, and a healthier me!  Renee has been an angel a gift from God and she has touched my life and my family."

~ Karen Small  



"Renee's authenticity shines through in every program she creates. She understands people from the inside out, and she can change people's lives (and their health) from the inside out. When you work with Renee you feel like you're working with a friend.

~ Brianne Grogan


Cleanse Praise

"I am a 45-year-old wife and mother. I had my daughter at the age of 41. Ever since then I have been unable to lose belly fat.  One memory stands out in my mind when I went on a juice fast. I got really weak. Now I can see I did it all wrong, where I deprived my wonderful body and system of vital nutrients & minerals. I signed up for this testing because I was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and was convinced there was another way for me to get better other than the use of the prescribed DMD (disease-modifying drugs).  [What I liked best was] Renee's enthusiasm for what she was doing and knowledge of food. I enjoyed listening to the webinars and the daily affirmations. I have never experienced a program/system set up in this way before. I am totally blown away.  I look forward to working with Renee in the future to address the MS. With some of the research I've done, it appeared a cleanse was in order. So when I am done with the program/system I will be contacting Renee for the next steps. I AM SO HAPPY...

~ Sybil Windham

"I decided to work with Renee in this coaching program because I knew I would be taught new things.  I thought it would be too expensive and I would have had to drop out, but it was a one time small fee that really fit my budget... To my surprise, I wasn't that hungry and all the foods I picked to eat were YUMMY!  What I liked best about the coaching program was learning about the different foods.  I COULD SEE MY WAISTLINE COMING IN!!!! I never got on the scale (I didn't have to) because my mirror was enough for me (smile) and I like what I saw.  I can fit into some of my clothes that I couldn't before.  This is soooo great!  Thank you again.

~ Vanessa Davis

"I wanted to try a different kind of program. Not just a quick fix diet.  I thought a cleanse was something you drank for a few days. Also I thought I would be starving for the cleanse. I wanted a lifestyle change and a diet. I wondered if it was something I could keep up with...  It wasn't all about losing weight. It was more about loving yourself where you are. I loved Renee's upbeat attitude... I loved every minute of it.  [I have a] much higher self-esteem. I learned to pursue my dreams, and learned how to have a very doable healthy lifestyle. This program truly changed the way I think and see everything around me. I feel so much happier because I accept myself the way I am. You helped me remember this is just where I am supposed to be. Your love and support over the last few weeks have been a joy. I can't thank you enough.

~ Debbie Puffer


More Client Love

"This program has been much more than a diet plan, but really a symphony of the mind, spirit, body, and balance with the environment that we live in and a great stepping stone into a health lifestyle."

~ Dr. David Schindler

"I needed to lose weight, wanted to quit soda and craving sugar/caffeine.  I got much more than I expected, love the ongoing support, the videos, goody bag in the mail, phone conferences, downloads page, and the information. I loved that she motivated me to stay on it!  I've lost 5.2 lbs, my clothes fit better, I tightened the belt on my jeans, my shirts fit better, my friends say I look more "sparkly", and I feel better about myself - more confident. My cravings have diminished, food tastes better, and I am more aware of how eating affects me - both mentally and physically. I'm so grateful to work with Renee. Thanks to her I have quit diet soda and have gotten on a path to a healthier lifestyle! This is just a new beginning of better health, more energy, and vitality.

~ Gretchen Powers

"Since I suffer from High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Low Thyroid Problems, I thought doing this cleanse would cause more problems.  I hear from many people that a cleanse is not good and that it is very drastic, but I did not feel this with your cleanse. I liked that you were giving us instructions each step of the way.  I have lost 7 pounds today, sleep very well, no hot flashes, I feel I have lost inches on my arms, which I really love, and from my stomach. With weight watchers, this did not happen."

~ Antonetta Demell

"I wanted to learn new healthier habits and nothing else was working.  [I got] a lot of support and the information made sense to me.  I enjoy trying healthy choices that were not something I would consider before working with Renee! My weight has not fluctuated as much as it has in past and I am starting to compliment myself now!

~ Amy Sugg

"I've always been impressed with Renee and her passion for her work and I knew she could help me.  I was worried about the nutrition/health aspect because I didn't think I would be committed to eating healthy and giving up the bad stuff. Now it's something I'm the most excited about.  I was nervous about being challenged and getting out of my comfort zone and digging deep, even though that's what I ultimately want. I'm so happy I did it.  [I liked best] Renee's love and support throughout. She makes me feel like I am completely normal when sometimes I think I am a freak! I feel overall healthy and happy and know only better things are to come.  My energy level is up! I'm positive and happy most of the time... living in the moment and not fast-forwarding in my mind... being present and accepting love."

~ Ashley Peel

"I wanted to overall feel better about the choices I make for eating and feel better. I love it as I don’t have to go anywhere... I could talk to [Renee] about anything! I feel healthier!"

~ Nancy Scheidt

"[It’s a] different approach: takes the basic concepts but adds in the mental and emotional component.  She keeps it real with emotion and feelings.  Specific result: mental clarity."

~ Elaine Barron

"My biggest concerns were sleep disturbance/insomnia, digestive disorders, and an addiction to wine.  Joining the program just felt right. It made me feel that I was important, wanted to live again... a reason to continue to be on the planet."

~ Jen Ciafone

"I like [Renee’s] presence and her direct style.  The inspiration and tips she gives encourage me throughout the day.  I appreciate myself more. I drink more water. I say my affirmations. I'm not worried about food."

Theresa Laehn

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ll be out of town for a portion of this! What happens if I miss some of the program?

You have access to all of the material to review as much as you like for 50 days even though the program is only 18 days. I give you extra time because I get it, life gets busy. You can even submit questions within our community for Renee to answer so you are supported throughout. We encourage you to go at your own pace and when you return, you can pick back up or begin again. 


How much time will I need to devote to the program? Do I have the time to commit to this?

I really get where you are coming from with this one. My relationship with "time" has been a huge area of growth in my life and I never felt like I had enough time... especially to take care of myself. I waited until the last minute to take care of myself and rushed through self-care. It's also important to make sure that any investment of your time is worthwhile. The great thing about this eating plan and cleanse is that it's designed to streamline your process and save you time while you prioritize yourself. I also know from experience that when we begin to heal our body at the root (our gut health and lymphatic system) it impacts our mind and emotions in a way where we can begin to permanently change our relationship with how we use our time. For example, I used to have a big "focus" problem. I would get so distracted and by prioritizing my gut health, it's shown me how much more clarity I have with my thinking. Your health means everything because without it you have nothing. In terms of logistics with time, I recommend creating 4-6 hours per week to listen to the videos and calls and prep food, do some additional shopping and do some journaling. 


How do i know if this is the best fit for me? What is your refund policy?

If you’ve watched my videos and read my posts and this website then you will know who I am, what I’m about, and the value I can give you. My intention is for you to receive incredible value, transformation, and results through this experience. Every effort has been put into this program to be a catalyst for you to do so. This 18-Day Challenge will not always be easy and it’s not supposed to be. I know from experience personally and with my clients that when you do the home fun and the things I tell you to do, you will get results. This program comes with a 100% money back guarantee. If after 30 days you are not completely satisfied, all I ask is that you show up every single day and give it your best effort. I know that when you do the work, you’ll see results. If you’ve done the work and you’re not satisfied then I don’t want your money. I’ll happily offer you a full refund. Note: our system allows us to see the effort you put in on our website.


Do you offer a payment plan?

I do not for this program.


What if I don’t see results? What if this won’t work for me? I feel like I’m a hopeless case.

You are always winning the game you are playing and that is your part of your problem. You are playing the wrong game. You are living into an identity that continues to believe that you “this won’t work for you”.  Even if you have every intention to do whatever it takes, your subconscious mind keeps saying, “This won’t work for me”, it will not work for you.  Part of what makes the 18-Day Eating Plan and Cleanse so powerful for people is that you learn how to change some of your core beliefs and think about taking care of yourself while releasing the old patterns that have been sabotaging you for most of your life.  If you want a healthier life and you want the results that you dream of, then you must be willing to do something different. Instead of telling yourself, “This won’t work for me” or “What if I can’t do this?”… ask yourself these questions instead. "How can this work for me?" or "How can I do this differently than I’ve ever done before?" By asking yourself different questions, you will absolutely get different results when it's matched with a great strategy, plan, and accountability (which we have). Pay attention to that voice in your head that wants to go back to the old questions and old patterns that haven’t served you in the past and turn it around!


Will I get cravings?

Most people report that their cravings change and evolve. It’s a big myth to eliminate cravings. As humans, it’s natural for us to have desires and cravings and during the program, you will learn how to evolve your emotions and listen to your body differently so your cravings evolve with you.


Can I exercise?

Yes, of course. Keep exercise as a regular part of your routine. I recommend 3-6 times per week for 12-30 minutes per day at your ideal aerobic training heart rate (180-minus your age). Be as active as you can. Get plenty of movement, fresh air, and fun activities daily. 


Will I like the food?

The recipes in this program are delicious and there is a lot of freedom to make dishes that suit your needs. Food is meant to be tasty. You will never be forced to eat something that you don’t like and there are so many options. We have an extensive recipe book as well as meal plan ideas to help guide you.


When will I see the results?

This is different for everyone, as all bodies operate differently. This is not a ‘traditional’ cleanse or weight loss plan. This is a holistic way of eating, using the natural systems in your body that will work for your body versus against it. In terms of weight loss, some people have lost 5-15 pounds during the cleanse and many people have continued to lose weight afterward. We have clients who have continued to lose 20-70lbs beyond the 18 days. Now, I began with "weight loss", however, it is not necessarily an accurate way to measure “results” either. I usually recommend you throw away your scale during this eating plan and cleanse. We are here to heal the gut, turn your body into a “fat-burning machine” versus a “sugar-burning machine” and to improve your lymphatic system energy and weight loss occurs as a consequence of focusing on gut health and reducing inflammation. The length of time it takes to heal your gut can vary depending on the severity of your gut issues and the strategies you use to improve your gut health. In general, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to heal your gut. Factors that can impact the healing time include the underlying cause of gut issues (such as a specific medical condition or a poor diet), the amount of stress in your life, the level of physical activity you engage in, and the type and quality of foods you eat. This program is a proven strategy to promote gut healing and also guides you on how to adopt a sustainable healthy lifestyle long after the 18 days is complete. It's important to note that healing your gut is an ongoing process and requires consistent effort over time.

Should I be taking pills or supplements?

You should always consult a doctor before starting or stopping any vitamins or medications prescribed to you. I highly recommend that you get a blood test to find out all vitamin, and mineral levels and your vitals. The best way to supplement is to do it with knowledge as to where your body is at. Schedule a blood test as soon as possible if you have not lately. The content in this manual is written by a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who is backed by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. The recommendations for herbs, vitamins, and supplements have been suggested from experience and working in conjunction with medical doctors. While sugar cleansing and detox can bring on withdrawal symptoms, I strongly suggest that you take the supplements recommended. Additional supplements are a huge support to the detox experience and to overall health. While we don’t all need supplements when we eat whole foods, the truth is that our soil and food are not as nutrient-rich as it once was and supplementation can be of great value. 


Should I take my vitamins during the detox?

Cross-reference your vitamin list with the ones that are recommended in the 18-Day Love Yourself Naked Cleanse. If you have specific questions, post them to the forum. You should always consult a doctor before starting or stopping any vitamins or medications prescribed to you. The content in this manual is written by a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner who is backed by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (Renee Jayne). Again, check with your doctor or a blood test for further questions on what works best for your body.


Should I take my medications?

You should always consult a doctor before starting or stopping any vitamins or medications prescribed to you. Although it is recommended to stop the use of many medications and drugs to get the full effect of any detox, never, ever stop taking a medication that has been prescribed by your doctor without consulting with him/her first. 


Will the detox be stressful?

Stress management could be an 18-day course in itself, wouldn’t you agree? The benefits of this cleanse are increased greatly when we can decrease the stress in our life. In fact, that is our main goal. Statistics show that sugar, packaged/processed foods, caffeine, and inflammatory foods increase our load of stress. Utilize this cleanse as an opportunity for you to de-stress.  Take a bath versus a shower. Extend your lunch break. Stop and slow down and do your best to step out of the fast-paced world we live in. 


Do I have to cleanse my home as well?

No, of course not. However, after years and years of coaching clients on health, it’s never ONLY about the food. There is always something deeper: relationship stress, spiritual stress, career stress, and sometimes even pain from the past. Also, environmental toxins are a huge opportunity. The most toxic environment we are exposed to in our home, believe it or not. Getting rid of toxic lotions, cleaners, soaps, shampoos, and other household supplies is recommended. Clearing clutter is helpful as well. This specific step is designed specifically because emotional baggage is often connected to “things” we cannot get rid of and these “things” often manifest within our bodies. If you can implement a little of the above steps, your sense of freedom and health will definitely be better than it is currently.



How do I make sure I am burning fat to cleanse my body properly?

If your body has been burning sugar (versus fat) for quite some time, it may take a little while for it to flip back into fat-burning mode. Be patient and keep working on the program, you’ll see results. The body of a sugar-burning person has abdominal fat, age spots, and cravings for sugar/sweets. The unhealthy situation of being a sugar burner is that it messes with your hypothalamus in the brain and signals you to burn more sugar. This eventually causes the leptin hormone levels and insulin levels to get confused. Leptin levels are the biggest key to body fat management and so if we have become insulin and leptin resistant, this person will find it more difficult to keep their blood sugar managed until they change their body back into a fat burner. 


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